About Kingenta

Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (Kingenta) is a leading Chinese hi-tech enterprise which operates in the market of hi-end solutions for crops; As such, Kingenta is devoted to R & D, and the production and marketing of specialty fertilizers including compound fertilizers (CF), slow/controlled-release fertilizers (SCRF), water soluble fertilizer (WSF) and other advanced solutions.

Since it’s inception in 1998 Kingenta has grown to be a national innovative enterprise with RMB 11 billion of total assets, more than 10,000 employees and 6 MMT of annual production capacity. Kingenta exports it’s products to South Korea, Japan, Australia and Malaysia and is planning to expend it’s operation worldwide. The company is listed since 2010 on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (002470). In 2015, the sales revenue was RMB18 billion.


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Kingenta Believes In People

Kingenta changes farmers’ cultivation habits, to help farmers increase their income, and promote sustainable agricultural development. In doing so, Kingenta strives to pioneer low-carbon agriculture, promote the development of new-type fertilizers, and build a truly conservation-minded society.

Kingenta works towards the benefit of it’s employees and their families, it gives millions through it’s “Family Wages” plan to the dedicated parents of its employees, as a warm heart to heart and face to face care, and has launched the “Giving Love and True Care” program to help out families of employees in their hours of need.

Kingenta supports two National Engineering centers in China, offers Prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, and is directly involved in helping people acquiring education by giving out 25,000 scholarships every year.