Kingenta Awarded the Best Green Development Listed Company

2019-11-05 back

On Oct 18, the 14th Chinese Listed Company Competitiveness and Credibility Survey Award Summit Forum hosted by Chinese Securities Journal was held in Chengdu. Kingenta was awarded the Best Green Development Listed Company. 

In the forum, 101 listed company was awarded including Best Continuous Investment Value, Best Growth Potential, Best Social Responsibility, Best Green Development, Best Innovation, Best Main-Board Market, Best Small and Medium Enterprise Board Market, Best Growth Enterprise Market, Best Market Value Management, Best New Capital Prominent, Best Board of Directors and so on. Among them, the criteria for the Best Green Development listed companies are diversified and rigorous. So the shortlisted companies all actively practice the concept of green development with taking sustainable development as their own responsibility, upgrading traditional industries and technologies, developing and introducing resource conservation and environmental protection technology, improving production efficiency, control pollutant and greenhouse gas emission, closing down outdated production facilities to incorporate environmental benefit and management into the whole process of enterprise management. 

insisting on innovative development since foundation, Kingenta adjusts product structure, improves innovation capability and agro-chemical service and explores new mode and technology of green development. In 2018, Kingenta actively introduced the international advanced concept “Soil-Friendly Farming” and combined with Chinese situation to form a Chinese program “Improve soil, Reduce Fertilizer Consumption, Enhance Efficiency and Quality, Comprehensive service”. With the guide of new concept, Kingenta provided service for over 134 million hectares and led to a great social and economic benefits. In 2019, Kingenta put four new device of phosphorous chemistry into operation, which realize green production of phosphorous resource and guarantee the implementation of Chinese plan of reducing fertilizer utilization 30%, becoming a benchmark for transformation and leaping development of phosphorous industry. Kingenta’s high-quality development of technological innovation and structural adjustment get the approval of governments and industry. On July this year, National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the fourth green manufacturer list, while Kingenta was selected as the “Green Factory” with its compound fertilizer listed in the “Green Design Product”.

This is recognition for Kingenta’s green development concept. In the future, Kingenta will strengthen sustainable development relying on technological innovation and mode reform. Besides, kingenta will stick to the mission of “Increase Agricultural Efficiency and Farmer’s Income”, realize the transformation from manufacture to “Manufacture+Service”, step forward to be a respected planting solutions provider, and make contributions to agricultural sustainable development.