Kingenta won an award of 70 Brands of 70th Founding Anniversary of PRC

2019-11-05 back

On Oct 15, Kingenta won an award of “70 Brands for the 70th Founding Anniversary of PRC” together with Huawei, Yili, Hainan Airlines, TCL, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, etc. on the Brands Summit for the 70th Founding Anniversary of China organized by the Growing of the Great Brand of CCTV and China Advertising Association. Kingenta brand was demonstrated in the “Shoulder Heavy Responsibilities, the Pillars of the Country” of the summit. 

Kingenta has been insisting on innovation and high-tech development since establishment. In 1990’s, Kingenta changed the extensive development mode and developed high-grade compound fertilizer; in 2006, Kingenta completed the first slow/controlled release fertilizer production line with annual capacity of 300,000 tons, making the slow/controlled release fertilizer popular. Through constant independent R&D of slow/controlled release fertilizer technology, Kingenta built the world’s largest slow/controlled release fertilizer production base. Besides, Kingenta acquired COMPO GmbH in Germany, EAC in Israel, Ekompany in Holand and NAVASA in Spain. Together with the four overseas R&D Center, 10 overseas production bases and 20 branches, Kingenta’s sales network spread over 20 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, America, etc. 

In 2016 and 2017, Kingenta dominated the formulation of international standard for slow/controlled release fertilizer which was issued by ISO; in 2018, Kingenta actively introduced the international advanced concept “Soil-Friendly Farming” and combined with Chinese situation to form a Chinese program “Improve Soil, Reduce Fertilizer, Enhance Efficiency and Quality, Comprehensive service”. With the guide of new concept, Kingenta provided service for over 134 million hectares and led to a great social and economic benefits, which was shared on the World Soil Day in the United Nations and got the approval and promotion of UN officials. Since founding in 1998, Kingenta demonstrated the leap development of Chinese brand from “catch-up” to “leading” by its own development. 

The award of 70 Brands for the 70th Founding Anniversary of PRC for Kingenta’s is recognition for the 21-year achievements of Kingenta. In the future, Kingenta will stick to innovation-driven development, accelerate the transformation from manufacture to “Manufacture + Service”, and realize establishment of “Innovation, Service, Platform and Internationalization”. Furthermore, Kingenta will adhere to the mission of “Increase Agricultural Efficiency and Farmer’s Income” and make contributions to agricultural sustainable development.