Kingenta Attended the International Planters Conference 2019 by Incorporated Society of Planters of Malaysia

2019-07-18 back

On 15-17 July 2019, International Planters Conference 2019 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr. Zhai Jidong, VP of Kingenta and his team attended the conference together with Kingenta Malaysia dealers.



Established in 1919, ISP celebrates a centenary of excellence this year. Besides local Malaysian representatives, over 800 international representatives and exhibitors from Indonesia, South America, Africa, etc also attended the conference and make a discussion around the theme “Charting the Future – Transforming”. With the strong economic growth in recent years, there has been a shift in the plantation industry from the previous concern of creating employment opportunities towards upgrading skills for productivity to maintain Malaysia's competitiveness.



As a technically professional palm planters conference, it attracted many world renewed Controlled Release Fertilizer Manufacturers. As the largest Controlled Release Fertilizer Manufacturer, Kingenta displayed the innovative technologies like precise release time control, efficiency enhanced agent addition, and also the philosophy of soil friendly farming “Soil Improvement, Fertilizer Reduction, Efficiency Enhanced, Quality Promotion and Integrated Service”. 



In the conference, Sultan and palm planters of Malaysia and Kingenta representatives made a further discussion about continuous nutrient management, fertilization method and technology in the growing process of palm. 



The palm plantation is a pillar of the Malaysian economy with panting area of 5 million ha, following Indonesia which has the largest palm oil production in the world. Besides, there are also large palm plantation area in South America, Africa around equator. Therefore, Kingenta sets up a nutrient management group for palm plantation led by Dr. Kevin Moran to conduct trials with local partners in Malaysia and Indonesia, the achievements of which is widely recognized by the local palm planters. Kingenta provides proper planting solutions based on local soil and environment for more and more local palm planters. 

Insisting on the mission of “To Improve Agricultural Efficiency and Increase Farmers' Income”, Kingenta will continue to promote the philosophy of soil friendly farming, accelerate the internationalization strategy and quicken access between domestic and overseas market to make contributions to global agricultural development.