COMPO (China) launches new strategy, initiating Sino-German COMPO Academy

2019-05-30 back
On the May 26, the 2019 COMPO Brand Product Release Ceremony was held in Weng’an County, Guizhou Province, under the theme Serving Chinese Agriculture via Sino-German Cooperation. At the ceremony, a series of achievements marking COMPO’s release in Guizhou were presented, and the product announcements for 2019 were presented. Also at the ceremony, the establishment of Sino-German COMPO Academy was announced, which aims to combine the technical forces of China and Germany to shape a specialist agrotechnical platform, which integrates academic exchanges, technical support, product sales and service. 
Bai Ying, CEO of Kingenta Group, said that within just one year after COMPO’s release in Guizhou, COMPO had already made great achievements in China. The sales of DeltaChem products, which inherited COMPO’s key technology of special fertilizers, have covered more than 300 prime counties of China, with more than 10,000 plots of demonstration cropland being established, having attracted nearly one million visitors. Today, the establishment of Sino-German COMPO Academy stands for COMPO’s launch of new strategy and new models of Sino-German cooperation using its corporate image and brand value. 
COMPO was founded in 1956, being a world-renowned fertilizer company with a history extending back 60 years. In 2016, COMPO was acquired by Kingenta, followed by its introduction in Weng'an, Guizhou in 2018, which was decided after full consideration and hard work by Chinese and German teams. This is an important step in German technical service to move into Chinese agriculture. The establishment of the Sino-German COMPO Academy and the appointment of the first batch of five Chinese and foreign experts will help to build an important technical platform to jointly serve Chinese agriculture through Sino-German cooperation. 
Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO, said that COMPO has incomparable advantages in four aspects, including consumer insights, production research, complete supply chains and product quality. Also, COMPO is in possession of famous brands, such as Synergie, DeltaChem, Navasa and Ekompany. 
Li Yuxiao, general manager of COMPO (China), said that COMPO (China) has developed a series of enhanced fertilizer products in the past year, aiming at specific soil and crop conditions in China, while combining the four key technologies of COMPO (China). In the meantime, COMPO (China) made rapid marketing progress in China, having built more than 3,300 plots of high-standard demonstration cropland and carried out promotions in more than 300 prime economic crop growing counties. So far, its business network has been established. In 2019, COMPO (China) is prepared to work hard on five areas, including  organizational setup, brand planning, product promotion, partnership development and marketing implementation. At the same time, COMPO is prepared to establish its five centers - R&D Center, Brand Center, Market Center, Marketing Center and Operation Center, to serve Chinese agriculture and increase the value of its new brand. 
Wan Lianbu, the board chairman of Kingenta Group, said that in the years ahead, Kingenta Group will adhere to its mission “to provide agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ incomes”, and will speed up its global presence to integrate global knowledge and build a technical matrix based upon COMPO (China), thus better serve Chinese agriculture to enable achievements during China’s 10-year golden agriculture period.