The 21st Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai is opening! COMPO invites you to visit!

2019-04-24 back

Here the largest horticulture exhibition in Asia has come to Shanghai!

The 21st Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai is now opening!



From April 20 to 22nd.,

Everyone has access to visiting the exhibition!

Are you looking forward to it?


Just come with me.



Dr. COMPO is as excited as everyone.

We came to the exhibition early this morning,

and try to give you a detailed introduction about it.


What are the attractions at the Hortiflorexpo?

Just discover with your own eyes,

follow Dr. COMPO,

and go to see it together!


Come on

Enjoy exciting moments of the Hortiflorexpo.





The exhibition hall looks really great, isn’t it ?

I'm quite sure that

this is indeed the largest horticulture exhibition in Asia.



Here we are at COMPO exhibition stand.

Booth Number:W3A142)








Our COMPO Team gave a detailed and professional introduction about COMPO Products to the gardening fans or distributors all over the world.






At the same time,

you can see COMPO products at the JD gardening and Green Friday booths as well.



COMPO has been bringing a number of original imported home-gardening products with high quality from Germany to the Chinese market. With super quality and attractive packaging, COMPO Products have received huge attention of many gardening fans. For Sure, the original German quality is very convincing.



A very famous Gardening KOL in China called “Teacher Margaret” also come to visit COMPO’s exhibition stand’ and gave positive feedbacks to COMPO Products.



In addition, COMPO was also invited to give an on-site interview with Tencent and other media.





Why are so many people here?


This is the legendary KOL with millions of fans on DOUYIN,

"Huangpu Xiao Zhi Ling"?

Come and see what she's doing.





She actually did the task at the COMPO booth and showed COMPO Products to the online audience.


Dr. COMPO also found a particularly interesting activity. Let us have a look!




COMPO Earth "Green" Territory Resident Card,

What kind of fairy brain hole play is this?

Click on "Read the original text" to start.

Play games and get the gardening gifts imported from Germany.








The scene is great,

Are you eager to join us here?

Just come to us immediately,

let's have fun together!