Arab Potash Company and SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd. Visited Kingenta Group

2019-04-12 back

On April 8th, 2019, His Excellency Jamal Al Sarayrah, President of Jordan Arab Potash Company (APC) and APC management, and Mr. Zhou Weiliang, VP of SDIC Mining Investment Co., Ltd. (SDIC) and President of SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo Hoevellite Co., Ltd. visited Kingenta Headquarters and discussed about cooperation. 

Mr. Yan Mingxiao, VP of Kingenta, Mr. Hu Zhaoping, VP of Kingenta, and Mr. Zhai Jidong, VP of Kingenta extended the warm welcome to the guests, and discussed about cooperation in technology and R&D among three parties. 


APC is the eighth largest potash producer worldwide. In 2018, production volume reached 2.436 million tons, while sales volume reached 2.439 million tons.

Jordan has convenient transportation with Aqaba port and abundant nitrogen and phosphate resources around. Besides, APC keeps sustainable innovation ability by cooperating with University of Jordan in scientific research. SDIC is the first majority shareholder of APC. 

Under the background of fierce competition and ever-increasing of added value of fertilizer products, APC is also seeking for transformation. Mr. Jamal Al Sarayrah said, to develop new type fertilizer is the strategic choice of APC. 

With the support of SDIC, APC hopes to join hands with Kingenta to strengthen R&D, production and marketing ability of APC through Kingenta’s advanced technology, production and marketing experience in specialty fertilizer, thus radiating the Middle East and the surrounding market, realizing diversified operation and improving profitability. 

In the meeting, APC and Kingenta also discussed about the import and export of Potash fertilizer, and agreed on setting up a work group to promote agricultural cooperation and exchange between China and Jordan.