Sino-India Cooperation on World Soil Day

2018-12-13 back

During December 2nd to 8th 2018, invited by Fertilizer Association of India, Kingenta team, including Mr. Bai Ying, CEO, Mr. Hu Zhaoping, VP, Mr. Zhai Jidong, VP, and Mr. Aditya Seth, Country Head, India attended the Annual Conference of Fertilizer Association of India and explored the India fertilizer market.


Besides, Kingenta visited the KVK Agricultural Extension Center, fertilizer distributor, and planters in Maharashtra, India to study the fertilizer market situation. Kingenta also introduced the ideas of soil-friendly farming and relevant products, which could increase yield and quality as well as remedy soil. 



On December 7th 2018, Mr. Zhai Jidong, VP of Kingenta made a keynote speech in Fertilizer Association of India and shared Kingenta research on soil remediation and controlled-release fertilizer, and experience in promotion of new-type fertilizer.





India is a neighbor country of China. Although the national territorial area is only 2.98 million square kilometer, up to 1.535 million square kilometer is arable, which is only second to the USA (1.669 million square kilometer) in the world and the largest in Asia. There are totally 169 fertilizer plants operating in India with installed capacity of 51.5 million tons. Products include urea, DAP, phosphate, ammonium sulphate, etc. In 2016-2017, fertilizer demand in India is 54.3 million tons. 


Kingenta adheres to the mission of To Become a Respected Provider of Crop Solutions. Since the establishment of Kingenta India Company in 2016, Kingenta has provided many crop solutions for Indian farming: made 30 localized planting trials from the north to the south and gained the acceptance of farmers and research institutes; kept in close contact with top 10 Indian fertilizer customers and promoted Kingenta fertilizer to penetrate into Indian market. By these steps, Kingenta builds brand recognition gradually in India.