Kingenta Awarded IFA SHE Excellence Gold Medal

2018-11-16 back

On Nov 14, 2018, IFA Strategic Forum was held in Beijing. Kingenta was awarded the IFA SHE Excellence Gold Medal together with other top fertilizer enterprises including YARA, Nutrien, SQM, CF, OCP, EuroChem, IFFCO, Ameropa and so on. Mr. Rakesh Kapur, IFA Chairman presented the enterprise award and Mr. Zheng Shulin, VP of Kingenta received the award on behalf of Kingenta.

For the first time since the creation of IFA’s Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) metrics at the beginning of the millennium, all four benchmark cycles will be conducted in the same year.

  • Employee Safety Performance
  • Employee Safety Perceptions
  • Environmental Performance
  • Energy Efficiency & CO2 Emissions

Over time, IFA has fine-tuned its benchmarks to enable the fertilizer industry to successfully measure, act, and improve its overall SHE performance.

In 2018, Kingenta participated in three surveys, Employee Safety Performance, Environmental Performance, and Employee Safety Perceptions and achieved outstanding results, thus won the IFA SHE Excellence Gold Medal by IFA, which means Kingenta has stepped to a new level up to international standards in safety, health and environmental protection and is qualified to compete with other international top fertilizer enterprises.