Kingenta Group won the Award for Targeted Poverty Alleviation

2018-10-30 back

On the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of Targeted Poverty Alleviation, a grand achievement celebration attracted much attention. Kingenta from the agricultural field, standing out from over 600 business cases due to the cultivated land protection case in “Hundred Billion Action” , won “Award for Comprehensive Management for Targeted Poverty Alleviation” presented by People’s Daily, and there are also Alibaba Group, JD.com and Evergrande Group that win this award.

 On September 20, “Valiant Assault of Great Power, Decisive Winning in 2020” Targeted Poverty Alleviation Forum, i.e. 2018 International Charity and Public Welfare Summit co-sponsored by People’s Daily and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Ministry of Civil Affairs, The State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation,  relevant leaders of Shenzhen Government, relevant experts from domestic and foreign public welfare organizations as well as representatives from the enterprises for poverty alleviation in various fields were present at the summit, reporting the achievement of targeted poverty alleviation and exploring an innovative practice path to poverty alleviation.


Kingenta Group, together with Alibaba Group, JD.com and Evergrande Group received the award on the same stage.

Friendly soil planting, assist in targeted poverty alleviation from the source.

The rural area gas always been the main battlefield for targeted poverty alleviation, which can be interpreted as attaching importance to helping farmers. The reason why agriculture is not strong lies in the fact that the pressure and planting pattern of cultivated soil environment need to be upgraded and that the degeneration and pollution of large farmland has made farmers live a poor life. Thus, friendly soil planting emerged at the right moment.

Under the guidance of the development concept of “green hills and clear waters are precious resources”, and also in response to the mega-trend and strong demand of soil environmental protection, Kingenta, based on its 20 years’ accumulation of innovative technology as well as its long-term attention to and research on soil improvement, proposed a solution of friendly soil planting which can synchronously implement soil improvement and yield and quality increase of crops. At the same time, Kingenta also launched friendly soil planting “Hundred Billion Action” in order to help farmers protect soil and promote the sustainable development of agriculture.

It’s known that so far “Hundred Billion Action” has established 2,000 high-standard demonstrative fields and 800 agricultural service stations in 1,000 counties throughout the country; it also carried out 1,000 soil health lectures, benefiting a million farmers and presented demonstrative fertilizers worth ¥50,000,000 to farmers in the country.


Hu Zhaoping, Vice-president of Kingenta Group accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Hu Zhaoping, Vice-president of Kingenta Group said, “since the 20 years’ development of the company, we have won many national honors, but the award for targeted poverty alleviation is extremely important and significant. It shows that our country has highly acknowledged the scientific new idea and new practice of friendly soil planting.”

Kingenta Group won the Award for Targeted Poverty Alleviation selected by authorities like People’s Daily.

Integrate E-Commerce, the Mode of CHI-MADE+Serve Poverty Alleviation was implemented

During the round-table BBS discussion, Hu Zhaoping shared the Mode of “CHI-MADE+Serve Poverty Alleviation” centered on “friendly soil planting”.

In the sight of Hu Zhaoping, it is essential that to relieve poverty should promote education first, because targeted poverty alleviation mainly solves the three problems including “bad planting, unsophisticated planting and unsatisfying selling” that farmers are confronted with. Kingenta is aimed to improve the ability to serve agriculture, rural areas and rural people by virtue of Internet thinking, innovative technology and mode, thus enabling the vast rural areas to benefit from the Internet.


Hu Zhaoping, Vice-president of Kingenta Group (Right, 1st) was present at the Round-table BBS concerning E-commerce’s assistance in building the brand of poverty alleviation.

By establishing digital membership system, Kingenta made farmers have a direct access to scientific planting and fertilizing knowledge via the Internet, helping them to plant fine crops while planting well. Meanwhile, Kingenta also made use of E-commerce platform to implement order planting and the joint of production and marketing, thus making the fine crops sell well. In the future, Kingenta will establish 200 IDC smart agriculture centers throughout the country, aggregate upstream and downstream resources in the industry, and incubate characteristic brand of agricultural products, thus fulfilling the branding of agricultural products.

“targeted poverty alleviation is not to quench your immediate thirst, but to help farmers alleviate poverty in a real sense and in a sustainable way.” Hu Zhaping said that Kingenta has an incumbent obligation for the poverty alleviation in China, and will always keep in mind the enterprise mission that “the increase of agricultural efficiency will result in the increase of farmers’ income”, and moreover Kingenta will carry out poverty alleviation through to the end and work together with all sectors of the society to win the tough fight of targeted poverty alleviation.