There comes the First Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival

2018-10-24 back

On September 23rd, the first Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival was held in Beijing to show the achievements of agricultural and rural development, celebrate the bumper harvest year and share the joy with farmers. Kingenta appeared at the main venue with its soil-friendly fruits as high-quality agricultural product representative, presenting the outstanding results of practice in soil-friendly farming for rural revitalization to the whole nation.

The display board used at the main venue to present soil-friendly farming to the visitors

 If China wants to be strong, agriculture must be strong; if China wants to be beautiful, rural areas must be beautiful; if China wants to be rich, farmers must be rich. Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival is the first festival established for farmers, and its establishment highlights the leading position of the work related to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers as top priority among priorities.

With the improvement of the people’s living standards, it has been a social consensus that production-oriented is already replaced by quality-oriented in agriculture. Quality also played a key role in the first Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival.Top-quality agricultural products from all over the country gathered together at the main venue in the agricultural museum, pointing out the way for China to become stronger in agriculture.

Quality agricultural products gather at the first Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, full of fragrance of melons and fruits

 After rounds of selection, Kingenta’s soil-friendly fruits appeared at the main venue of the harvest festival as a representative of high-quality agricultural products. They are from Kingfarm: Hongxin Apple of Yanchuan, Luoxiacui winter jujube of Dali, and honey pomelo of Pinghe. All these three kinds of fruits from Kingenta are agricultural products with national geographical indications and enjoy a good reputation in the market. As a matter of fact, from Shouguang vegetables, Meishan kiwi fruit, Linqu cherry and Jinxiang garlic, soil-friendly farming has helped improve quality of more and more agricultural products with national geographical indications.

Soil-friendly Fruits appear at the Main Venue of the Harvest Festival

 In the past 20 years, Kingenta is committed to providing crop solutions and inputting scientific and technologic resources to increase farmer’s income and the agricultural yield. Current problems faced by farmers mainly include low-quality farming, low-tech and low price. A solution to the problems is scientific farming to improve the quality of agricultural products and expand the marketing channel. Kingenta has its own solution to the above problems.

Through soil improvement, efficiency enhancement, quality improvement and comprehensive service delivery, soil-friendly farming helps realize brand marketing and promote connection between production and sales by scientific farming management for the whole process to improve the quality of agricultural products. By increasing farmer’s income and improving the quality of vegetables, soil-friendly farming enables farmers to plant high-quality crops and sell crops easily, while urban residents can also eat well. Mr. Zhang Jiajun, a melon farmer in Jinan, said, “The soil-friendly farming technology and products have increased the daily yield of cucumber by 150kg, led to a rise of RMB0.4-0.6 yuan per kg. The income per hectare is increased by over 300,000 yuan.”

On March 21st, the Monitoring and Conservation Center for Farmland Quality, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs proposed to set May 21st as the Soil-friendly Farming Day. Later, there came the kickoff of Hundred-Billion Public Welfare Action of Soil-friendly Farming, hosted by the Monitoring and Conservation Center for Farmland Quality, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science and World Soil-friendly Farming Association, co-organized by Kingenta with the guidance of the Crop Farming Management Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Half a year has passed, and due to joint promotion of all sectors, soil-friendly farming has formally entered to more and more farmland.

Before the harvest festival, Kingenta’s “Hundred-Thousand-Billion Action of Soil-friendly Farming” won the “Award for Comprehensive Management for Targeted Poverty Alleviation” by People’s Daily. 

So far, Kingenta has set up 2,000 high-standard Demo-farms and 800 agricultural service stations in 1,000 counties across China, and given 1,000 lectures on soil health, benefitting 1 million farmers. In the future, Kingenta will cooperate with Rural Taobao to build “soil-friendly farming” demonstration zones in whole industry chain from farming, management, marketing, transportation to finance, jointly promoting the development of soil-friendly farming in China. 

Mr. Wan Lianbu, Chairman of Kingenta says, “The staff of Kingenta will make persistent efforts together with people from all walks of life to promote soil-friendly farming so as to protect the billion hectares of fertile farmland, achieve rural revitalization, develop Chinese crop solutions, and finally to ensure agricultural harvest!”