Kingenta was Invited to Attend the Ag Innovation Showcase

2018-09-19 back

During September 10-12, 2018, the Ag Innovation Showcase was held in St. Louis, the United States. The Ag Innovation Showcase focuses on industrial players and companies of precision plant nutrition solutions. It is a wonderful journey of innovation in the field of agriculture and a forum for communication on industrial trends.

This is the 10th year of this event. In the past 10 years, the Ag Innovation Showcase has introduced 186 new technology and application innovators in the industry, and outlined Innovation and development in the fields of agriculture and food through group discussions, presentations, exchanges and online communication.

Venue of the Ag Innovation Showcase. Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, the United States

In 2018,the main topic to be discussed at the Ag Innovation Showcase is new biomaterials, biotechnologies, as well as the future of agricultural application and agricultural technologies. Meanwhile, the world's top producers of fertilizers, biological products, seeds and plant health promoters (biotin) communicate and come up with more innovative solutions. IFA, as one of the organizers of the Ag Innovation Showcase, invited about 70 people from the world’s top fertilizer enterprises to attend this event.     

 Kingenta was the only Chinese enterprise invited to attend this world-class event on agricultural technologies and innovation, and it had its own exhibition stand, presenting its R&D achievements to the participated enterprise representatives, experts and scholars and discussed with peers from all over the world about the future development and cooperation.


Site of the Ag Innovation Showcase

Mr. Zhai Jidong, vice-president of Kingenta and executive director of IFA, made a keynote speech on Kingenta’s product technology innovation at the Ag Innovation Showcase and had in-depth communication with the management teams of Yara, OCP, Agrium, Mosaic and other world-famous fertilizer companies.