Kingenta held the 20th Anniversary Celebration

2018-08-31 back

On August 26, Kingenta’s 20th Anniversary Celebration was held in Linshu, Shandong Province. Kingenta leaders, including Mr. Wan Lianbu, Chairman of Kingenta and Mr. Baiying, CEO of Kingenta, as well as staff representatives, cooperation partners from Qinghai Salt Lake, Zange Potash Fertilizer, SDIC, Guizhou Kailin and Hubei Xingfa, and more than 1,000 people present at the ceremony including distributor representatives and grower representatives from all over the country and also online staff celebrated Kingenta’s 20th Anniversary together.



Keep Going and Fight Bravely

20 years is not only a hard trial but also a great leap and reap for an enterprise. Mr. Wan Lianbu made a passionate and heated keynote speech. First he reviewed the 20 years’ development history of Kingenta during which it started from a county company and then developed into an international enterprise, which has 27 production bases home and broad, a total asset of 19.6 billion yuan, a sales avenue of 20 billion yuan and a capacity of over 10 million tons, and also turned into a well-known enterprise among China’s 500 listed companies for 8 consecutive years whose leading products rank the first in the industry for 9 consecutive years, basically fulfilling its striving goal of 10-fold increase. During the 20 years, Kingenta has opened up an innovation road to forge ahead and break through, a creativity road to make efforts and work hard, an originality road to keep improving and perfect quality, a passion road to assume responsibilities and care for farmers, as well as a growth road to create, share, cooperate and win.

 Speech by Mr. Wan Lianbu

Mr. Wan Lianbu also gave a profound analysis on the situation the company is now confronting. He emphasized that at the new starting line we are facing an unprecedented challenge and unavoidable problems. But we should also see that the opportunity we have is once in a blue moon and we have unique advantages. We are not afraid of the difficulties and problems, but we will never miss or give up the opportunities and advantages. We have established the most national scientific research platforms in the industry; we have the most excellent scientific research expert teams; we have developed new products which have the most complete categories, the most advanced technology and the largest scale, as well as whole crop nutrition solution; we have created the strongest marketing teams, the most influential brands and the most extensive marketing networks; we have constructed advanced internationalized layout and have a strong resource integration capability. All this is not only the result of our wisdom and spirit due to our innovation and creativity but also a firm base for us to enter the new age.

Facing the future, Mr. Wan Lianbu completed a broad layout plan for Kingenta. In the following 10 years we will hold fast to the development principle of “cultural lead, innovation-driven, service guide and talent first” to speed up the construction of innovative, service-oriented, platform-based and internationalized Kingenta by fully exploiting the advantaged of technology, brand, talent and mechanism. We will also try to propel the comprehensive transformation of Kingenta to “Intelligent Production + Service” and fulfill the leap from “leading in China” to “leading in the world” and become a respectable provider in terms of planting solutions by taking good advantage of the domestic and international markets and innovating business model.

 Chen Hongkun - Host and Vice-president of Kingenta

Keep Striving and Work Hard together

At the celebration, Kingenta especially gave commendation to a group of staff who have made great contributions to the development of Kingenta and also awarded special honors to those suppliers and customers who have supported and accompanied Kingenta all the years.


Zhang Xiaoyi, Secretary of Party Committee Announced the Recognition Decision

Mr. Zhang Xiaoyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Kingenta announced the recognition decision. 25 people won the title of “Leading Figures”, 100 people won the honorary title of “Contribution Figures”, 1002 people won the honorary title of “Elite Figures”, and 61 people won the honorary title of “Faithful Figures”. Partners including dealers, suppliers and growers as well as customers are also granted strategic cooperation award, faithful cooperation award, development achievement award, best growth award and planting scholar award.


Strategic Cooperative Partner Award

Mr. Wan Lianbu especially presented prize to three scientists who have won special contribution award, including Pro. Yang Li from Shandong Agricultural Research Institute, Pro. Zhang Min from Shandong Agricultural University and Mr. Kevin Moran, Kingenta’s Honorary CTO to give commendation to them for their outstanding contribution in terms of technology breakthrough in the course of Kingenta’s 20 years’ development.


Special Contribution Award

Cultural Lead and Practice Innovation

At the celebration, “Kingenta Group Enterprise Culture 2.0” was released at the same time. Mr. Wan Lianbu and Mr. Bai Ying led to sign their names and led all the Kingenta staff to take a solemn oath: in the future, Kingenta will focus on the vision of “to be a respectable provider of crop solutions, the mission of “improving agricultural efficiency and increasing farmers’ income” and the core value of “innovation and harmony” in order to create the next more glorious 10 years and open a new chapter of Chinese agriculture.


Enterprise Culture 2.0 Was Released

Focus on Strategy and Open up Future

Bai Ying, CEO of Kingenta, Made a “3+3 Strategic Planning Report”

At the end of the celebration, Mr. Bai Ying made a “3+3 strategic planning report”. Considering historical background, macro-environment and industry development, he analyzed the various advantages Kingenta has possessed at the new starting line. He also pointed out that in the future Kingenta should expand three service ranges: serve planting, serve industry and serve city life, and also focus on seven strategies to fulfill six great breakthroughs, promote the construction of “three transformations and one change”, accomplish “3+3” strategic planning and try to create the next golden 10 years. The report not only indicated the new directions and depicted a new blueprint, but also proposed a detailed strategic path, actions and supporting measures to fulfill plans, which made all the staff full of confidence and power.

The strong pass is a wall of iron, and now we should start from the very beginning. In the future, Kingenta staff will continue to brave the wind and waves to go ahead by virtue of pioneering spirit and tough tenacity in order to become a respectable provider of crop solutions as early as possible.

 All the Staff Took a Mass Pledge to Fulfill the Mission