Chasing Dreams for 20 Years and Composing a New Chinese Chapter in Union

2018-08-02 back

In order to celebrate  20 years anniversary and feel the development and changes of the company in past 20 years, to completely display the development achievement and spirit of each plant for these 20 years as well as to promote mutual learning and communication among each unit and further enhance the passion and vitality of the whole Kingenta staffs to do things and start up business and transform and develop, the company organized and carried out the 20-anniversary plant tour activity. On Jul. 16, the first batch of more than 50 employees who took part in the domestic tour activity began their journey under the leadership of Zhang Xiaoyi, the Party Secretary of the company.

 At the launching ceremony, Secretary Zhang said, "Kingenta started from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, from China leader to the world leader. The biggest achievement is that there are numerous teams with ideals and ambitions, breathing with the company and sharing the fate, and the greatest wealth is our more than 10,000 remarkable employees." As far as we know, the people who took part in this tour activity are all the senior staffs who have been working for over 15 years in the company, and they witnessed the growth and development of Kingenta. The plant tour activity not only increased the sense of belonging and pride of the employees, but also relaxed the body and heart and cultivated the sentiment of the people to love nature, love life and love work.


In the morning of Jul. 17, we first came to thousand Miao villages in Xijiang, which is located in the northeast side of Leizhou County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. It is now the biggest village for Miao People to live in a compact community in the world, consisting of more than ten connected villages built around the mountain. When we came to Miao villages, the first thing we saw was the dense stilted building in neat arrangement. It is better to be described as a forest consisting of the stilted buildings from the foothill to the peak than villages. The beautiful scenery, tasty food and loud and clear Miao songs left a deep impression on us.

 Then we arrived at the Weng'an production plant in Guizhou by bus and visited the newly established (Compo) China company industrial parks and zones. By carrying out the plant tour, we made a review of the past 20 years we had gone through, witnessed the COMPO GmbH (China) landing in China and their staff's excellent mental attitude, and it is this attitude that provided new cultural motives for our future development. The progress and development of our company depended on the wisdom and efforts of all staffs, thus, in order to express gratitude for our efforts over so many years, in the evening of Jul. 17, CEO Bai Ying, the Party Secretary Zhang Xiaoyi and Vice President Cui Bin are going to have dinner with us together. We hope that all staffs participated in the plant tour could see the achievements in past 20 years and be more confident to make joint efforts in the future.