China's first Soil-Friendly Planting Champion Selection Competition officially opened

2018-06-21 back

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is known as “the thoroughfare of five provinces”, a unique “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” of vegetable and fruit caused a sensation in the entire agricultural circle. Eight fashionable and fresh models made appearance before the guests in the form of a catwalk, showing more than ten soil-friendly planted fruits like watermelons, blueberries, grapes, and vegetables to the distinguished guests on site, and aroused great interests from them.

 “100-Billion Soil-friendly Planting Campaign–China’s First Soil-friendly Planting Champion Selection Competition” was held in Xuzhou on June 21. Relevant leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province, agricultural technology experts, industry marketers, and more than 300 soil-friendly planting partners and farmers’ representatives from across the country gathered at the scene to witness the launch of the event.

Set up crop show of soil-friendly planted fruit and vegetable

100 competition regions compete for 5-million-Yuan prize

As an important landing for 100-Billion Soil-friendly Planting Campaign, China’s first soil-friendly competition aims to select professional farmers capable to farm and maintain land, enabling first-line farmers to know how to understand and accept soil-friendly farming, to truly realize the comprehensive landing of soil-friendly planting in the field, through their vanguard and exemplary role, according to Yang Fuyu, Vice President of Kingenta Group.

Address by Yang Fuyu, Vice President of Kingenta Group

From the start-up meeting to December this year, the competition has been focused on ten major economic crops like apples, citrus, grapes and greenhouse vegetables in the country, and open up 100 competition zones. Through five major indicators of soil improvement, planting area, planting concept, crop growth and voting popularity, combined with comprehensive evaluation of experts, the company selected top ten champion growers in the field of soil-friendly planting, sharing the million-Yuan award. The prize winners have the opportunity to board the CCTV stage and share the planting techniques and experience with the national audience. The total reward value of the entire competition is above 5 million Yuan.

Launching Ceremony of China's First Soil-Friendly Planting Champion Selection Competition

Create a model of soil-friendly planting and crack the pain points of planting

Xuzhou is among China's first national pilot demonstration zones for agricultural sustainable development. China's first soil-friendly planting champion selection competition was launched in Xuzhou and attracted much attention. Huang Guangjie, Deputy Director of Xuzhou Municipal Agriculture Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech. "With the start-up meeting as the starting point, we will make every effort to create a model of Xuzhou’s soil-friendly planting, which will play an active role in promoting nationwide."

Huang Guangjie, Deputy Director of Xuzhou Municipal Agriculture Committee of Jiangsu Province, delivered a speech

Director Huang’s impromptu ci-composition left a finishing touch for China’s soil-friendly planting champion selection competition.

Daytime dwindles while night time is increasingly longer since the summer solstice. The competition began in Baoxin Hall. All trades have their champions vying with each other for excellence. New as the concept of soil-friendly is, the appeal of maintaining the fertility of soil is responded by all.

Soil matters in planting. Soil-Friendly Planting No.1 should take the lead to protect the land from disease and continuous cropping. Everything is born in the soil. Grain is available as long as there is land.

-- - "Linjiangxian"


Yang Fan, Director of Cultivated Land Quality Monitoring and Protection Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs delivered a speech and gave a report

 In the speech, Director Yang Fan of Cultivated Land Quality Monitoring and Protection Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs mentioned the significance of the cultivation of soil-friendly planting to a new height, "Protecting the cultivated land is to defend our great motherland." She also said that "soil-friendly planting champion selection competition will provide strong talent support for accelerating the building of a new-type professional farmer team, innovating the operation mode, improving soil fertility, and assisting the rural revitalization strategy."

The landing of soil-friendly planting will guard hundreds of millions Mu of fertile land

 Since the launch of the 100-billion project, the landing activity featuring Soil-Friendly Planting No.1 Soil Health Lecture and demonstration field construction has been gradually introduced into major agricultural provinces of Shandong, Hebei, Henan, etc., resolving planting problems according to local conditions, and has been well received by more and more farmers.

Chen Shaomin, Brand Director of Soil-Friendly Planting No.1, made a report

 In just over three months, the 100-billion project has established 2,000 high-standard demonstration fields and 800 agricultural service stations in 1,000 counties across the country, and provided 500 soil health lectures, benefiting 400,000 farmers. Nearly 100 kinds of soil-friendly crop solutions developed by Kingenta Group are rapidly reaching the field.

Soil-Friendly Planting No.1 Soil Health Lecture

Feng Dongming from Fengrun, Hebei Province, planted 60 mu of ginger, and the problem of continuous cropping caused soil compaction and serious diseases. “There is a soil-friendly nutritional solution for planting ginger, and combined with the technical guidance of experts, I don’t have to worry about ginger blast again this year.”

Kingenta Group also plans to donate 50-million-Yuan model fertilizer to farmers across the country, so that the majority of farmers can really experience the soil improvement effect of Soil-Friendly Planting No.1 in the use, and joining the campaign of soil-friendly planting. With the opening of Soil-Friendly Planting Champion Selection Competition, a large number of professional farmers loving land and understanding technology will be selected, passing the knowledge to become the pioneer to solve planting problems.

Public presentation ceremony for soil-friendly planting nutrition solution