German Media: Compo Retuned to the Field of Special Fertilizer for Distributing Worldwide and its New High-End Products will Launch In China

2018-06-20 back

On the afternoon of Jun 19 (Berlin time), the global launching ceremony of CCOMPO GmbH retuning to the special fertilizer market was held in Berlin, Germany. The local media in Germany paid wide attention to this activity and reported that, this launching ceremony is a milestone event for COMPO GmbH which has the history of 60 years. Witnessed by the government officials of China and Germany, global experts and media, COMPO GmbH returned to the field of special fertilizer formally, and declared that COMPO (China) will be established in Guizhou, China, to provide the top high-end products and synergistic technical services for global markets including Chinese market.

Signing Ceremony

COMPO is one of the global suppliers for application solutions in the field of plant maintenance products. COMPO GmbH has owned the mature global marketing network for a long time. The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions all over the world, the market share ranks first in Europe, and the subordinate flower trademark is widely known in Europe.


Wang Weidong - Chinese Minister-Counselor in Germany makes a speech

The German media cited the speech of Wang Weidong - Chinese Minister-Counselor in Germany and reported that, "this activity is another important cooperation in the field of agriculture between China and Germany, which indicates that the bilateral agricultural enterprise cooperation gets ahead, bringing new look for the further development of their agriculture.

Charlotte Hebebrand - Secretary General of International Association of Fertilizer makes a speech

The report stressed that, in the conference Charlotte Hebebrand, the Secretary General of International Association of Fertilizer said, "COMPO GmbH distributing worldwide, establishing a subsidiary in China, and releasing new generations of fertilizer synergistic technologies is a great event for the global fertilizer industry, which will play a positive role in the healthy development of the global fertilizer industry.

Stephan Engster - CEO of COMPO GmbH makes a keynote speech

The German media focus on technological breakthroughs. The report said that, COMPO GmbH adheres to the "craftsmanship spirit" Made in Germany, and the concept "German technology serves the world", it developed several new generations of fertilizer efficiency technologies, such as NPI long-term technology, carbon-nitrogen metabolism physiological regulation, plant small molecule activation, the efficient transportation technology of soil nutrient, biological stimulant functionalization, etc., forming the synergistic technology schemes, including synergistic slow-release fertilize, synergistic controlled release fertilizer, functional water soluble fertilizer, trace element fertilizer, the biological stimulant, agricultural microbial fertilizer, as well as the more complete the nitrogen fertilizer stabilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphatic fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. Stephan Engster - CEO of COMPO GmbH said that, "at this time, we aim to make full use of the professional technologies and mature experience in the field of special fertilizer accumulated for 60 years after establishing COMPO GmbH in 1956, and become the crucial member in the field of special fertilizer. By building the global production bases and marketing networks, COMPO will provide the farmers with world-leading crop nutrition solutions and professional agricultural technology services, to distribute worldwide formally. The distribution of the Asian market and the rapid promotion of special fertilizer business will become a key link for COMPO to return to the global distribution in the field of special fertilizer, and the key point for COMPO to increase the business after returning."


Zhai Jidong, Vice President of Kingenta Company and President of COMPO GmbH (China) makes a keynote speech.


Bert Jaeger, General Manager of DeltaChem makes a keynote speech.

The brand new fertilizer products of DeltaChem which will be affiliated to COMPO GmbH are also released on the scene. According to Martin Eichler- Marketing Director of DeltaChem, DeltaChem has an experienced technical team, and the total working years of the key members in the team are more than 100 years. In the conference, Bert Jaeger - General Manager of DeltaChem said that, the series of new products, such as compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, efficient urea, etc. will serve the hundreds of millions of farmers in China, contributing to the China's rural revitalization strategy.

Group Photos

German media pointed that, driven by "Germany technology", COMPO GmbH and DeltaChem will take root in Chinese market, to better serve the Chinese farmers. They are committed to becoming a leading modern agricultural industry solution provider, continue to promote the application of German advanced agricultural technology in China, spread the strength and voice of COMPO Gmb in the world's agricultural landscape, and strive to promote the world's agricultural modernization.