Kingenta Attend 2018 IFA Annual Meeting

2018-06-27 back

The IFA annual conference was held at local time from June 18 to June 20, 2018, in Berlin, Germany. As one of the main sponsors of this conference, Kingenta is represented by the CEO Bai Ying, the vice President Zhai Jidong, the CTO Dr. Moran, and the consultant LUC MAENE., etc. The International Business Unit has carried out an active and thorough preparatory work to achieve a complete success of the conference.


Figure 1: The International Business Unit held an internal preparatory meeting before the conference


Figure 2: The exhibition stand of Kingenta Group

At the conference, the International Research and Development Team of Kingenta presented the latest scientific research results of Kingenta in recent years to more than 1,400 industry elites attending the conference through the exhibition stand, including highly sophisticated products such as the "FERLAND NO. 1" series, "DEEP SEA POWER" series, and water-soluble fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer and bio-stimulant, which received praise from the on-site guests.

 Figure 3: Mr. Zhai met with the Mr. Meli Keyman, CEO of Switzerland Keytrade

Figure 4: Negotiation with the Ukrainian customers

During the conference, Kingenta successfully organized and attended a total of 69 customer conferences, shared achievements of Kingenta overseas demonstration fields in recent years with customers from all over the world like Switzerland, Ukraine, Pakistan, etc., and held in-depth discussions on the possibility of future cooperation in the common fields.

 “COMPO GmbH goes professional” global launch ceremony was held in the afternoon of June 19. The ceremony was a milestone for Compo GmbH, which has a history of 60 years. In the presence of representatives of the Chinese and German governments, global experts and media, Compo GmbH officially returned to special fertilizer field, and declared that Compo GmbH (China) will be established in Guizhou, China, to provide top quality products and enhanced technology services to the global market including China.

The closing banquet on June 20, sponsored by Kingneta, announced 2018 IFA annual conference a complete success. This conference has greatly improved the international reputation and customer recognition of Kingenta, and laid a solid foundation for the future development of Kingenta's international business and the vigorous development of Compo China.