Summary and Commendation Conference 2017 Solemnly Held by KINGENTA Group

2018-03-07 back

On Feb. 13, 2018, KINGENTA Group solemnly held the annual summary and commendation conference with the theme of “Activating New Drivers, Creating New Prospects, Sharing New Future” in its Headquarters located in Shandong, China. At this Conference, it awarded prizes to individuals and teams winning the honorable mention 2017, so as to commend their outstanding contribution in the past year. With business development and performance growth in the international market, COMPO, NAVASA and EAC affiliated to the International Business Unit won the “Overseas Best Growth Team” award 2017. Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO and AVI Halpert, CEO of EAC accepted the prizes and stepped onto the stage for delivering their acceptance speeches.

Wan Lianbu, Chairman and President of KINGENTA Group made a significant speech about “Working Hard together wholeheartedly, and Co-creating and Sharing to Make Life Better during Struggling”. Core work in 2018 includes “One Center and Five Keywords”. One Center means marketing breakthrough, while Five Keywords include being accurate, quick, stable, strong and deep, namely, accurately strike the traditional business, globally initiate the soil friendly farming concept, stably promote the business of KINGFARM, strongly promote joint cooperation and deeply develop the globalization. To make our dream come true, all staff of KINGENTA Group shall embrace the feelings of home and country, have the spirit of struggling and bear the responsibilities. Our cause will have hope and a future only when we are brimmed with deep awesomeness and passion for the earth, and infinite passion for the agriculture, farmers and rural areas.