Potassium Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is derived from humic acid and belongs to the further-processed products of humic acid derived from lignite. Compared with humic acid, fulvic acid has better water solubility and higher activity. Our product is a mineral source of fulvic acid potassium (solid powder), produced from natural lignite, weathered coal after a series of extraction.

Seaweed Extracts

Alginic acid is an organic acid (average molecular weight: 240,000) derived from brown seaweed. Seaweed Extracts are a natural polysaccharide carbohydrate, with a main composition of potassium salt of alginic acid (a mixture of polyuronic acid).


Chitosan is a white or gray powder made from shrimp or crab shells by decalcification, deproteinization, and deacetylation. In agriculture, chitosan is widely used in biological fertilizers, biological pesticides, plant growth regulators, soil amendments, agricultural preservatives and feed additives.

Polyaspartic Acid

Polyaspartic acid is a kind of artificial biomimetic synthesized water-soluble polymer material. It does not contain phosphorus, it is non-toxic, pollution-free and fully biodegradable. It is an internationally recognized "green chemical.” Its structure notably has peptide bonds, carboxyl groups and other active groups. Polyaspartic acid has strong abilities to chelate, disperse and absorb. It also has excellent compatibility. Polyaspartic acid is widely used as a fertilizer synergist, with the effect of strengthening the comprehensive absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, medium and trace elements. It can improve fertilizer utilization and increase crop yields. The product can be used alone or mixed with a variety of fertilizer. Moreover, it can be used with pesticides to improve effects.