NBPT Urease Inhibitor

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Product Description

NBPT, N-(N-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide, is a white crystal powder.

As a soil urease inhibitor, NBPT has the effect of inhibiting urea hydrolysis and slow releasing nitrogen. It inhibits the hydrolysis process of urea into ammonia, and increases the use efficiency by at least 30%. The nitrogen availability can be extended from 50 days to nearly 120 days. The product is highly-effective and non-toxic. It can eliminate the toxic effects of ammonia on seed germination and seedling growth, thus it is an excellent soil urease inhibitor. NBPT is used for urea-based nitrogen fertilizers, taking effect in almost the whole crop growth period without top-dressing.


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Product Features 

Crystal powder. It is a soil urease inhibitor and urea stabilizer, especially suitable for arid soils.

Is suitable for N fertilizers based on urea. It enhances fertilizer efficiency and reduces input costs. Highly effective and non-toxic, naturally degraded into nitrogen and phosphorus.
Improves fertilizer utilization, reduces nutrient loss.
Improves yield and quality. 


Directions for use 

NBPT is appropriate for most field crops, especially for corn, wheat, fruit trees and some other long season crops. The product is usually mixed with one or more organic solvents, and prepared to a certain concentration with water. Then it is added to urea-based fertilizers at the rate of 1 ‰ - 3 ‰ . It is mainly used before sowing with the method of surface application on urea or other urea-containing fertilizer, and can also be used as topdressing, side dressing, spraying and other applications after sowing. Notes: Cannot be used before rain. The inhibitor effect will decrease greatly once the rainfall is over 20mm.