Potassium Fulvic Acid

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Product Description

Fulvic acid is derived from humic acid and belongs to the further-processed products of humic acid derived from lignite. Compared with humic acid, fulvic acid has better water solubility and higher activity.

Our product is a mineral source of fulvic acid potassium (solid powder), produced from natural lignite, weathered coal after a series of extraction.


Guaranteed Analysis

Humic Acid...................................≥45% --

Fulvic Acid................................≥40%

Potassium Oxide (K2O)....................≥20% 


Product Features 

Improves soil aggregate structure, loosens soil, improves soil water and fertilizer conservation capacity, regulates soil pH, reduces soil heavy metals availability and reduces salt ions damage on seeds and seedlings.

Enhances root growth, increases ability of roots to uptake nutrients from fertilizers, strengthens resistance to biotic and abiotic stress, and improves crop quality.

Improves nutrient-use efficiency. Fulvic acid can reduce hydrolysis of urea due to the inhibition to urease, and reduce the loss of ammonium nitrogen due to the carboxyl functional groups. Fulvic acid can slow down the fixation of available phosphorus in soils, increase the movement of phosphorus in soil and promote the phosphorus absorption by roots. Fulvic acid contains functional groups absorbing and storing potassium ions, which can not only prevent its loss with water in sandy soil, but also prevent potassium fixation in clay soil. 


Directions for use

Potassium fulvic acid is appropriate for most plants, especially for vegetable crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, grapes, berries, olives, avocados and citrus. It can be used alone or blended with soluble fertilizers. Fertigation application rates

Orchards & Vineyards, Vegetables & Fruit Crops: Use 750 to 7500g per hectare per irrigation. Repeated applications may be beneficial. Products blended with irrigation water or soluble fertilizers should be used immediately and not stored for long periods. Always check compatibility with other products prior to use.