Polymer Coated Di-ammonium Phosphate 3M

2017-12-27 back

Product Description

Polymer coated Di-ammonium Phosphate is granular Di-ammonium Phosphate coated with biodegradable polymer. It is water soluble and leaves little solid residue after dissolution. It is suitable for various crops; especially suitable for base fertilization and topdressing in dry areas. The nitrogen and phosphorus can be slowly released through the micro pores coating layer resulting in a higher utilization rate of nutrients and prolonged nutrient absorption time. This fertilizer meets the crop’ s nutrient demand during the whole growth period.


Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)......................16.00%

Ammonium Nitrogen....................16.00%

Available Phosphate (P2O5)..........44.00%

Water-Soluble Phosphate..............38.00% 


Product Features 

Polymer coated Di-ammonium Phosphate is a chlorine free N, P compound fertilizer, it is suitable for many different crops and many kinds of soils. Contains nitrogen and phosphorus which are essential for crop growth. The nitrogen can promote foliar development. The phosphorus takes part in the photosynthesis and the respiration process. It does not only promote the early formation and root growth, but also improves the crop’ s adaptability to adverse conditions.

The product also promotes early maturity and improves crop quality and pest resistance. 

Matches crops nutrients demand.

Continuous supply of nutrients.

Increases crop yield and fertilizer use efficiency.

Reduces application times, dosage and nutrient loss, along with saving labor.

Environmentally friendly.

Enhances root growth, balances endogenous hormones, induces floral bud and improves leaf color. Releases nutrients timely and precisely based on the requirement of plants.

Accelerates blossom and increases sugar content. 


Directions for use

Suitable for most crops, especially for grains, cotton, melons, fruit trees, beets, cane and cut flowers.