Polymer Coated Urea 43-0-0 3M

2017-12-26 back

Product Description

Using advanced membrane coating technology urea granules are coated with polymer which controls the release as required thereby increasing nitrogen utilization rate. This product can effectively control the nitrogen release up to three months. The release rate depends on the soil temperature and the thickness of the membrane. The higher the soil temperature, the faster the nitrogen releases. Soil moisture, pH, and the activity of soil microorganisms have little impact on the fertilizer nutrient release.


Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)......................43.00%

Urea Nitrogen..............................43.00%

Also contains non-plant food ingredients. Related products:




2 Month


6 Month


9 Month





Product Features

Matches crops nitrogen demand.

Increases yield, income and fertilizer use efficiency.

Reduces application times, dosage and nitrogen loss; saves labor.

Environmentally friendly.

Directions for Use

Polymer-Coated-Urea is appropriate for most field crops, especially for corn, wheat, rice and tomato. Corn, wheat, rice, tomato: As a base fertilizer, Polymer-Coated-Urea (PCU) can be used alone, but a positive result can be predicted when PCU is applied with other base fertilizers (containing available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). The application rate of PCU is about 300 to 750kg per hectare, depending on the nitrogen rate in other base fertilizers. PCU can be applied as side-banding or hole-application at a depth of 10 to 15 cm in soils. Isolate the seeds and fertilizers when applying them at the same time. In dry regions, irrigation is needed to release the nitrogen and enhance crop growth. Top dressing with nitrogen may be beneficial although single basal application could meet the growth needs (nitrogen) of the whole growth period.