Industrial Layout Covering The Whole Country
Kingenta has developed bases, through such manners as construction, acquisition, cooperation and rental, in Linshu and Heze in Shandong, Changfeng in Anhui, Dancheng and Zhumadian in Henan, Tieling in Liaoning, Weng’an in Guizhou, Jinning in Yunnan, Dezhou in Shandong, Yingde in Guangdong, Aksu in Xinjiang and Qianjiang in Hubei, forming industrial layout in main national grain-producing areas, getting itself closer to raw material origins and markets, greatly shortening the haul distance and service radius, further improving its competitiveness.

Kingenta American

Founded in October 2015, located in Los Angeles, Kingenta America is a representative office of Kingenta in America, which works on technology R&D, information collection, cooperation and exchanges, and product trade, and helps to bring in international advanced techniques and top talents, to pave the way for Kingenta to go global with its new technologies and products. “Kingenta (America) New Fertilizer R&D Center”, established in Washington in 2006, specializes in developing slow controlled-release fertilizers, seeking for technological partners, and pioneering in experimentation & demonstration in North America.

Ecompany International B.V.

Ekompany International is a developer and producer of Ekote Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF). Our fertilizers can be applied in different segments like Ornamentals, Turf & Amenity, Fruit, Vegetables, Agriculture and Plantation and are dedicated to make your crops, plants and grass grow green and grow better. Ekote provides safe and reliable crop specific solutions for fertlisation of a wide range of crops and plants.


COMPO is the success story of powerful brands: The cornerstone of COMPO GmbH was laid in 1956 with COMPO SANA, the first potting soil in user-friendly bags. In the following decades, the company was continuously expanded. Today, COMPO operates internationally and is market leader in the segments of biological/chemical brand products for home and garden. In the consumer segment COMPO offers a complete product range for home and garden that goes from potting soils and plant care products through to garden fertilisers, lawn fertilisers, lawn grass seeds and plant protection products.

A.Nava, S.A

A. Navarro, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Navasa”) is located in Almeria, a province in South Spain. Navasa, which has engaged in agriculture for over fifty years in Almeria, is currently a well-known and influential agricultural service provider in the locality. The company specializes in producing and selling fertilizers, plant protection products and insecticides and offering technical services, including storage, sub-packaging and wholesale of liquid and solid fertilizers, as well as regional distribution of agricultural products by some large-scale transnational corporations.

Kingenta Livnat Agriscience Development Limited

KLAD Is an Israeli based holistic solutions provider for the professional grower and cooperatives around the world. KLAD specialize in specialty fertilizers, bio-stimulants, crop enhancements, and supplementary green pre-and post-harvest solutions. As an Israeli brand, KLAD is a leading player in the portfolio and pipeline of innovative solutions to growers globally.

Kingenta (India) Agritech Private Limited

Kingenta India is a 100% overseas subsidiary of Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Ltd, China. Being a liaison office, the key elements of functionality remains to explore marketing & sales activities in India for WSF, SCRF, NPK,etc and also to see opportunities of JV’s with some of the big Indian manufacturers. Kingenta’s advance products like SCRF have been tested in India and field trials have also been held with very successful results. We believe, this is the future and this is where, we Kingenta would focus our time and energy to develop this market. 

Kingenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Kingenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., a subsidiary in Singapore that was incorporated on October 24th, 2015, is located in Straits Trading Building, CBD, Singapore, by the beautiful Singapore River. The subsidiary in Singapore engages mainly in offshore trade, and serves to promote the brand of Kingenta with support from Singapore’s regional advantages. The subsidiary is growing into an oversea settlement and logistics center.

Kingenta Vietnam Company Limited

Kingenta Vietnam Company Limited, founded in 2015, is located in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam. The company is one of Kingenta’s overseas branches that help to exploit the Southeast Asia market. The scope of its business covers basic marketing, including product marketing, brand expansion, joint R&D of high-tech products, and experimentation, as well as overseas asset placement, international protection of core technologies, dredging of import & export channels, and construction of business bases.

Kingenta Australia AG Pty Ltd

Kingenta Australia Ag PTY LTD (KGA) is devoted to bringing the latest efficiency enhanced Kingenta fertilisers technology to the farmers of Australia.

We focus on providing new environmentally friendly fertiliser products for ALL Australian farmers to create situations that enable greater nutrient stability, more longevity from their fertilisers for less application rates and increasing yield and quality for the crop situation of use.

Though extensive commercial and replicated field trials across multiple cropping systems, we aim to detail new fertilisers product options for users to make better, more educated nutritional management decisions while using existing applications systems in all cropping types in Australia.