Overview of Scientific-Innovative Team

Kingenta Scientific-Innovative Team has over 500 researchers, more than 360 advanced experimental apparatus, and over 40 pilot-scale facilities, with scientific research site covering an area of 20,000m2. We built up high-level innovative platforms for technology research & development by integrating the basic research of high-end fertilizer such as slow controlled-release fertilizer, nitrate-based fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and bio-fertilizer, engineering technology transformation, quality testing, standard setting, new product development and application demonstration. In the process of development, Kingenta insists on self-dependent innovation, and industry-university-research cooperation, establishing leading scientific research platform and R&D system, gaining plenteous achievements.

7 National Level Platforms

National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, National Key Laboratory for Efficient Development and Comprehensive Utilization of Nutrient Resource, National Research Center for Slow-Controlled Release Fertilizer, National Engineering Research Center for Compound Fertilizer, National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Soil Fertilizer Resources, Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and New Fertilizer Creation by Ministry of Agriculture, Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Station

Other Innovative Platforms

Kingenta Group also has some provincial level innovative platforms including Shandong Fertigation Engineering Technology Research Center (Linshu), Guizhou Engineering Technology Research Center for Cleaner Production of Phosphorus Chemical Industry (Guizhou Kingenta Nosterra), Guizhou Engineering Research Center for Efficient Utilization of PK Nutrient (Guizhou Kingenta Nosterra), Henan National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Soil Fertilizer Resources (Zhumadian), and Shandong Academician Workstation (Linshu).