Our Products

Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co., is a leading Chinese hi-tech enterprise which operates in the market of hi-end solutions for crops; As such, Kingenta is devoted to R & D, and the production and marketing of specialty fertilizers including compound fertilizers (CF), slow/controlled-release fertilizers (SCRF), water soluble fertilizer (WSF) and other advanced solutions.

What Our Client’s Say


“I decided to invest in Fertigation equipment and the kingenta Combo fertilizer for my vineyard. The result was a major saving in water, fertilizer and labor. My grapes weigh 2Kg a bunch, the taste and quality is superb and i’m expecting to make USD50,000 profit after expenses”.

Mr. Tang, leading Grape grower, Guizhou, China


“have a look at my corn. It is big kernel with full grain developed to the top and it’s leafs are still dark and green. With Kingenta’s SCRF and Nitrate base fertilizer, my yield reaches 12,750kG per hectare, you can apply fertilizer while you are planting the seeds and save labor cost and time”.

Mr. Pi, leading Corn grower, Shandong, China


“We have always used Kingent’s fertilizeres for our orange trees, that is the secret of our harvest. We apply Kingenta’s Nitrate 3+3 fertilizer as a base, and Kingenta’s liquid and water soluble fertilizer later on. Each tree can yield 150Kg oranges, which gives us a 30USD extra profit over other growers”.

Mr. Xia, leading orange grower, Nanfeng, China